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Our packaging services help you as a manufacturer to design your products with the best possible packaging solutions to meet current and future demands. We are happy to help on a project basis or specifically with know-how according to your wishes.

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Why packaging consulting?

Packaging has long been more important than simply getting products from A to B safely. Requirements such as sustainability, recycling, emissions into products and tightness during transport are a standard nowadays.

We even go so far as to say that packaging is an integral part of the product and should be taken into account during product development.

Get the maximum added value from your packaging solutions for your products as well. We help you to do so!

  • Raw materials

    Sustainability and Recycling materials are important. We help you to find the right choise for your products.

  • Internal resources

    We perform audits, microbiology sampling, microbiology tests and suggest improvement measures

  • Potential analysis

    We offer a potential analysis for your production hygiene and biocide reduction for specific formulations

  • Action plans

    We would be glad to guide you with action plans to improve exactly what you need, together with you!

  • Accompaniment

    Packaging continues to raise questions. We`re there for you to answer them at any time!

  • Network partners

    We have multiple contacts in all directions to find the best packaging solution for you. Benefit from us!

Support throughout

To find the best packaging solution for your products, multiple steps are involved. For this we offer different packages at different stages.

  • Portfolio analysis

    In the first step, we look at your packaging portfolio according to different criteria. This process takes place in cooperation and is free of charge.  

  • Potential analysis

    According to our portfolio analysis, different factors can be important depending on the product and industry. Based on these factors, we make suggestions for improvements, adjustments and clarify current requirements.

  • Extra mile

    For anyone who is ready to see their packaging as a real added value, we help them find it and use it together. This is about using the interaction of packaging & formulation for yourself.

  • Action plans

    This step is about preparing and implementing concrete changes as part of a project. These can range from simple packaging adjustments to new filling equipment.

  • Long-term support

    Every new product and every new requirement brings up new questions. Be it regulatory, product-specific or simple cost issues. We are happy to be at your side.


We offer different packages for every level

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Portfolio analysis

We offer a checklist based
analsis of your packaging portfolio to evaluate savings and innovation potentials.

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We offer sourcing support for different
types of packaging in the chemical and
pharma industry.

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