Boxli® 1000

The first 1000 Liter bag-in-box packaging for liquid, water-based paint and raw materials!

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Key reasons to package with Boxli

Boxli is our power performer regarding biocidal savings and sustainability.
You will love it!

  • Long-lasting protection

    The packaging design ensures product product until the last drop.

  • Recycled raw materials

    With Boxli 1000 you get up to 90 % recycled materials from non-fossil sources!

  • Maximum recyclability

    Your customers can reuse and recycle up to 95 % of Boxli. This is leading!  

  • Lower transport volume

    You can safe 70 % on transport and storage volume with an empty Boxli 1000!

  • Light weight

    Boxli 1000 saves 20 % packaging weight for you and the environment.

  • Improved drainability

    Your customers can squeeze the maximum out of Boxli. Quick and clean.

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Current testing programs

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Boxli 1000 Specs

Outlet valve

DN50 (2") / DN80 (3")


DN150 (6") / DN 225 (9")

Max. filling

1200 kg / 1000 L


35 kg




1000 L

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