We make product protection more natural

The transition from solvent- and oil-based to natural-based chemistry is important to reach a circular economy with net zero CO2 emissions. This process is already happening. Our mission is to support this by everything we do.

Our vision drives us forward

We are in a business of ensuring product integrity. Our target is to protect 50% of all paint in Europe from contamination by plant hygiene, product formulation and packaging instead of biocides by 2040.

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Our core values define the way we work

Curiosity and emotional intelligence
Sustainability and performance
Open minded
Customer oriented

Our measures ensure the right way

Our key measures are:
- Number of products that became biocide free
- Amount of biocide in products that could be reduced
- Amount of used packaging that could be recycled instead of burned/landfill
- Reduction of product waste due to contamination
- Energy savings

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We are all EVOPACK

Florian Ebinger

My background is packaging and polymer engineering with working experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I was responsible for design and industrialization of hygienic liquid packaging for water-based systems. At EVOPACK I`m responsible for R&D, Industrialization and strategic product management. I’m your go-to for:

  • Packaging implementation
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging & Hygiene consulting

Ankith Subramanian

My background is aerospace and polymer engineering with working experience in the aircraft and welding industry. I was responsible for technical design, product development and industrialization of complex machinery. At EVOPACK I`m responsible for our technical developments, industrialization and our sustainability goals. I’m your go-to for:

  • Sustainability design
  • Design services
  • Paint protection

Timo Geiger

My background is chemical and polymer engineering with working experience in the paint and biocide industry. I was responsible for R&D, technical sales and technical infrastructure in microbiology labs, manufacturing and logistics. At EVOPACK I`m responsible for our strategy, technical sales and marketing. I’m your go-to for:

  • Product Hygiene
  • Potential Analysis
  • Paint formulation
  • Packaging sales
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