Hygiene Services

Our hygiene services support you as a manufacturer with hygiene of water-based products through every process step, starting from incoming raw materials until the final product control after filling.

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Why Hygiene?

Hygiene and preservation for water-based products is important to avoid heavy contamination and product failure. This is true for food, but also for technical products. 

Without proper hygiene and preservation even the best product get spoiled in a matter of days and the products loose performance.

  • Raw materials

    Together we Identify specific contamination risks from incoming raw materials and water

  • Production Hygiene

    We perform audits, microbiology tests and suggest improvement measures

  • Reduction of biocides

    The better your production hygiene, the fewer biocides you can use

  • Regulatory compliance

    With proper plant hygiene you can use less biocides and stay compliant with regulations

  • Accompaniment

    Microbiology tests, cleaning procedures and special training courses for your people

  • Network partners

    Benefit from our network and be the first to know about new hygiene and microbiology trends

Support throughout

To achieve the perfect product protection for your water-based products, multiple steps are involved. For this we offer different packages at different stages.

  • Raw materials

    Clean and biocide-free raw materials are an important factor to achieve excellent product protection without biocides.
    In this step we evaluate potential risks and define QC parameters with you.

  • Production

    The production set-up, manufacturing procedures and cleaning routines support or worsen product stability significantly.
    In this step we take a deep look on the process and identify potential improvements.

  • R&D

    Product design depends on multiple factors.
In this step we show you how to improve formulations to improve product hygiene significantly.

  • Filling

    Now it is time to bring your product in the right format for your customers.
    In this step you can benefit from our hygiene and packaging knowhow to achieve long-term product performance.

  • Packaging

    Your products will spend most of their lives in packaging.
    In this step we help to generate value for you and your customers with innovative packaging designs.

Comprehensive packages

To achieve the perfect product protection for water-based systems, multiple steps are involved. For this we offer different packages.


Hygiene audit

Our hygiene audit package includes on-site service, laboratory tests and a final report with improvement proposals. Here we offer free starter packages until full service support.

Factory pipes

Potential analysis

Our potential analysis detects potential improvements in production hygiene or product formulation to save biocide and improve sustainability. Here we offer free starter packages and detail analysis.

Factory staff checking off list

Staff training

People are the key to success. Our hygiene training program transfers knowhow about manufacturing hygiene and product formulation to safe biocide in water-based formulation.

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