Packaging and hygiene solutions for paints

Our innovative packaging and hygiene solutions are designed for your biocide-free or low-biocide, water-based products to ensure long-term performance.

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360° paint protection

Innovative product protection starts with state of the art raw material control and ends with maximum customer satisfaction. Until the last drop.

Hygiene services

Our hygiene services help to control water-based products. Everything serves to obtain a germ-free paint without biocides.

Product packaging

Our innovative packaging solutions protect paint and raw materials by design, until they are completely used up.

Packaging consulting

Our packaging engineers help you to find the right packaging solution for your product.

We create win-win outcomes for sustainability and business

As a young company we commit to develop services and products, that save CO2 emissions, extend product lifespan and improve recycling.

Discover our mission

Biocide-free products

Protect your product’s quality and compliance with minimal chemicals. Our target is to ensure a natural product integrity of water-based fromulations without harmful biocides.

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Reuse and recycling

Our ultimate goal is to create packaging that can be fully reused or recycled with minimal effort. With our services, we want to create a platform that offers you sustainable expertise

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Go water-based

Inorder to meet sustainability goals and regulations the chemical industry needs to accelerate water-based products. This allows products with more natural raw materials and better recycling.

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Zero emission targets

Our company target is to become net zero in CO2emissions with all our products and services.

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Transport optimised solutions

Our packaging solutions enable efficient transportation and storage throughout the entire product life cycle. They are lighter, use less raw materials and can be stored with much less volume when empty.

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When working with our customers, we ensure win-win scenarios. Our business model minimizes conflicts of interest in terms of profitability and sustainability.

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